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When you need high-quality engine coolant for your aircraft, you need SkyGeek.

Specially formulated aviation coolants are on hand in our virtual hangar to help your plane's engine withstand temperature fluctuations among the clouds. These heat transfer fluids work to preserve sensitive electronic components and environmental control systems. In addition, they generally have a long fluid life, making them cost-effective and practical.

Browse by brands and find Brayco, Exxon Mobil and ROYCO at the ready to give overheating the cold shoulder. Why choose from our selection? Because they have stood up to rigorous field testing. Products such as Exxon Mobil's Coolanol 25R, Brayco Micronic 889 coolant and ROYCO 602 coolant fluid are ideal for commercial and private aircraft. Since they're generally non-corrosive and have minimal reactivity with water, your aircraft's operating systems run cleaner and last longer than they would if you were using off-brand alternatives. They're also radiation-resistant, which means they won't react negatively under exposure to high levels of radiation.

As mentioned, these aviation coolants are extremely stable at both ends of the temperature scale; they work well in frigid temperatures as well as high heat environments. With high flash and auto-ignition points, low volatility and wide ranges of compatibility, these engine coolants are versatile enough for several applications.

SkyGeek is an authorized retailer so feel safe in buying this kind of item from us. Now that's cool.