Blind Rivet Tools

For times when you can’t access the blind side of the joint, SkyGeek is here to help with blind rivets. Also called POP rivets, blind rivets are designed to hold on strong, even when you can’t reach the back side of a surface. The rivets use a unique two-part design, with a pre-assembled stem inverted into a rivet body. The rivet is installed using a special tool that draws the stem out of the body, causing the body to deform and clamp down on the joint, forming a secure hold. Once the body clamps down, the stem can be snapped off and discarded.


Blind rivets are specialized fasteners that are used and replaced regularly in most mechanic’s toolboxes. At SkyGeek, we carry a variety of blind rivets to choose from in popular sizes to suit any build or installation. Our blind rivets are made from heavy-duty materials and are designed to withstand the rigors of flight with ease. Use them to secure body panels or to install important equipment. They’re also great for repairs where you can’t access the inside both sides of a surface.

Rivet Tools

You can’t install a blind rivet without a rivet tool, but fortunately for you, we have plenty of those at SkyGeek. Find handheld rivet tools, air-powered rivet tools and much more, all at our everyday low prices. Our rivet tools are built to last and are made by some of your favorite brand names in the industry like Cherry Aerospace and Arconic Huck. For more information on any of the rivet tools we carry, just click on the tool you’re interested in from the list shown. Can’t find what you need? Contact our team of Geeks during our regular business hours and they’ll be happy to help.

Shop at SkyGeek to get your hands on all of the finest blind rivets and rivet installation tools. Our impressive selection, low prices and fast shipping make us your go-to choice for aircraft parts, tools and consumables. SkyGeek has been supplying the skies for over 40 years and our selection of blind rivets and related supplies can’t be beat.