Desiccant Silica

Used to dry small items and to keep sensitive products free from environmental moisture which can cause caking, desiccant silica from SkyGeek is the go-to choice for industrial users. We carry both powder and gel varieties to choose from to work with your style of drying and storage. Whether you're searching for a powdered desiccant to improve powder flow and reduce caking or a gel desiccant to remove moisture from the air and gases, SkyGeek has the products you need at prices you can afford.

Powder desiccant is one of our most popular varieties. It can extend the storage life of powdered products significantly, reducing caking and ensuring clump-free flow. The powdered desiccant is made from silica and is pressed into small granules that have a medium to large surface area and a light consistency. The highly pure product is used to improve powder flow while reducing caking and blocking during storage. It can also be used to reinforce silicone in organic rubbers or for thickening and anti-settling behavior in liquid systems. Powdered desiccants are available in various package sizes.

Gel desiccants are most commonly used to remove moisture from the air or from gases. The desiccant is placed in an open container and is allowed to come in contact with the air to pull moisture and reduce relative humidity levels. It can also be used to remove moisture from liquids by dynamic means. It is sold in a canister and is easy to work with. Gel desiccant does not require any type of activation and is ready to use as packaged.

SkyGeek offers the best and most complete selection of desiccants on the market. Whether you're looking to remove moisture from air, gas, liquids or other products, we carry the right type of desiccant to get the job done. Our high-quality products are available in a variety of package sizes to suit your needs and all desiccants are competitively priced. For more information about a specific product, click on the image of the item you are interested in from the list shown.