Hydraulic Fittings

There are few things more problematic and unsettling for a SkyGeek than leakage. That's why we make sure we carry a wide variety of fittings that offer leak free solutions. Fittings come in many styles including hydraulic fittings. Generally, these fittings' main purpose is to connect a hose assembly to a port or adapter; however they have other applications.

The key to selecting the right hydraulic fitting is knowing the proper corresponding assembly. Once that is known it's then a question of choosing one based on such factors as material (aluminum or steel), hose inner diameter, and pipe thread. SkyGeek offers a vast range of hydraulic fittings, particularly those that meet or exceed Air Force/Navy (AN) as well as Military Standards (MS). Be sure to peruse each series of fittings to compare the differences among similar items so that you can make a more informed purchase.