Your aircraft requires many fluids and gasses to fly, so it’s important to ensure all of your connections are as strong and leak-free as possible. Fortunately, fending off leaks is easy when you shop at SkyGeek. We carry a huge selection of aviation O-rings in common sizes to fit your bird. Our O-rings are made by some of the biggest name brands in the industry, like Military Standard, so you can shop with confidence.

When choosing an O-ring, size matters. You need to make sure the O-ring is big enough to seal the tube, hose or connection you’re using. It must also be flexible and strong enough to withstand contact with gasses and aviation fluids. Whether you need a large O-ring or a small O-ring, SkyGeek has you covered. Our O-rings are designed to meet or exceed U.S. Military Standards, AS and NAS standards. O-rings are priced low and most are sold individually, so you won't need to buy in bulk — unless you want to. Shop online for O-rings in a wide range of sizes and save on the aircraft seals you need to prevent gas and fluid leaks.