Aviation is like life: full of decisions both small and large. Aircraft require many fluids and gases to keep systems fully operational. If such gases and fluids were to leak, it might compromise the economy of the aircraft or worse, cause a deadly malfunction. Oh boy! Well, how odd that all this danger can be avoided with a simple seal. Turn the "Oh boy!" around by using O-rings.

For those unfamiliar, O-rings are gaskets, usually a flat rubber ring that provides a seal so that gas or fluid does not escape. In relation to O-rings, back-up rings are used to hold the O-ring in place. As their name suggests they're used to "back-up" the O-ring and thus provide added protection against movement. Less movement means a more secure seal. And with a more secure seal you can feel safe.

SkyGeek has a growing inventory of O-rings and back-up rings designed to meet or exceed U.S. Military Standards as well as AS and NAS standards. Simply click on the individual items below and find the right rings for your specific needs. When it comes to safety, price shouldn't matter. Still, SkyGeek realizes that other plane parts may break your bank account. These seals won't. These items are inexpensive yet durable. So seal the deal by choosing from our current selection.