Silicone Fluid

If you have flown it is known your plane is prone in and among the ozone. How'd you like that rhyme? Here's some reason: You need protection against adversarial atmospheric forces, otherwise your parts are inevitably going to one final destination - the scrap heap.

Luckily SkyGeek supplies multiple means of protection, many of which come in the form of fluids and lubricants. One excellent approach to warding off weather related nuisances is through the use of silicone-based products. Fortunately we carry items of that nature.

Silicone fluids, such as Dow Corning 510, are resistant to oxidation and heat over a range of temperatures, low or high. Dielectric and water-repelling, silicone can often be a great method of avoiding the harmful effects of most gases, dilute alkalis, salts and other corrosive elements. Applying such an item to the appropriate parts is a cost-effective solution as it reduces mechanical wear which, in turn, extends the life of your equipment. Looks like maintenance just got a little smoother.