DZUS® Tools

At SkyGeek, we know that each one of our customers are special and special customers need special tools. That’s why we offer a huge selection of DZUS® tools, including all of the less common tools, parts and adapters you may need to get the job done. DZUS® tools are known throughout the world for their exceptional quality and outstanding performance. First manufactured in the 1930s, DZUS® tools have become the gold standard in aircraft repair and maintenance. When you order a DZUS® fastener or tool, you know you’re getting quality and reliability at a great price.

DZUS® Tools

DZUS® tools offer a no-nonsense approach to aircraft repair and maintenance. The specialty tools are designed to tackle a wide range of projects, from fastening screws to flaring grommets. Our unique selection of hand tools are designed for the aviation professional who values quality over style. DZUS® tools may lack the flash of other brands, but they more than make up for it in value and function. DZUS® tools are carefully made to handle the stress of a busy hangar environment and the quality craftsmanship ensures these tools will be in your toolbox for years to come.

Specialty Parts

Once you’ve stocked your toolbox with DZUS® tools, it’s time to add to your collection with specialty parts. A DZUS® grommet flaring tool is fine, but you can get more use out of a single tool by order extra heads. Get more for your money by ordering DZUS® parts and accessories from SkyGeek to go along with your favorite tools.

Shop at SkyGeek for all of your DZUS® tool and accessory needs. Our selection, pricing and outstanding service make us your go-to choice for high-quality aircraft tools and supplies. SkyGeek has been supplying the skies for over 40 years and would love to help you get the tools and parts you need for your next aviation project.