Solder Iron

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Our soldering kits are ideal for any soldering job, from mild to heavy duty projects. We carry soldering guns, replacement tips and complete kits to satisfy your needs. For light duty electrical field maintenance, the Weller Battery Powered Smoldering Iron will deliver. This product will reattach broken wires with ease, using two AA batteries for convenient cordless operation. The small smoldering iron reaches 950 degrees in less than 15 seconds, so you can get right to work. This tool is delivered with batteries, a wrench, lead free solder and two tips for immediate use and includes a seven year warranty! For only $19.99, this Weller soldering gun is an incredible value. Try the Weller Professional Soldering Gun Kit for heavy duty, high power soldering. This complete kit is equipped with solder and flux. If you want a soldering gun that can join even your thickest wires, the Professional Soldering Gun Kit is perfect. Our Weller soldering station and guns provide excellent soldering capabilities in portable, convenient products.

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