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Finding a tool to clean in tough-to-reach places can be a chore in itself. Look no further because SkyGeek offers pneumatic vacuums at great prices. Whether you're a mechanic, a shop owner or a pilot, you'll appreciate these solder vacuums and all that they have to offer. The Pro Mini Vacuum from Aircraft Tool Supply has been redesigned, and its housing section is now made from cast aluminum, while the valves are made of marine-grade brass making this durable under extreme conditions. You know what they say ? good things come in small packages. This most definitely holds true for the mini vacuum. This cleaner is efficient, lightweight and picks up ferrous and non-ferrous sand, rivets, nuts, bolts and metal chips. SkyGeek also offers the Wonder Gun Vacuum from Aircraft Tool Supply. It's not only an air-operated vacuum cleaner ? it acts as a blow gun too! Connect it directly to your air line for a variety of cleaning jobs. In vacuum mode, you can use it to suck up small parts, liquids and metal shavings. And you're going to need a place to store your vacuum! Pick up a Wonder Gun replacement bag here at SkyGeek.

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