Shop Towels

Clean up spills, drips, drops and messes with shop towels from SkyGeek. Our disposable towels are stronger than a standard paper towel and don’t scratch fiberglass surfaces. The towels are absorbent and lock away moisture, so cleaning your mess won’t create any bigger problems. Our shop towels come in white or blue colors and in rolls, boxes, pop-up containers and refill stacks.

Super Absorbent Design

Shop towels are designed to be super absorbent. They need to quickly clean up messes and spills, while locking away the moisture so it won’t drip where it shouldn’t. The towels are all super absorbent and many have a special textured surface that does a better job of grabbing on messes and lifting them away. The towels are soft to the touch and because they hold so much, they’re a great alternative to a traditional mop when it comes to handling spills.

On top of being absorbent, the towels are designed to be easy to use. Most either come in a dispenser box or are designed to be used as a refill for your towel dispenser. Keep shop towels within easy reach of your workbench and always have one on hand when you need it.


You don’t have the time or probably the washing machine capacity to clean a bunch of rags. Make sure you always have a fresh towel available by stocking up on shop towels from SkyGeek. We carry several styles to choose from, but all of our shop towels are disposable for convenience. When it comes to cleaning stubborn messes, including flammable liquids, extra adhesives and other hazardous materials, shop towels are the go-to choice. Grab a disposable towel, clean the spill or mess, toss the towel out and move on with your project.

Make sure you have plenty of shop towels on hand at all times by shopping at SkyGeek. We carry a large selection of towels to choose from in white and blue. Our disposable shop towels are easy to use, convenient and affordable, so you can always keep your shop or hangar well stocked. Order now and enjoy fast shipping on all of our in-stock items.