Grinding & Cutoff Wheels

Grind or sand aircraft parts with grinding tools from SkyGeek. Our grinding tools and accessories are carefully labeled to make it way to find the right parts for your grinder. Shop for cut-off wheels, stripe-off wheels, grinding bits and much more, all in one convenient location. Our grinding tools are affordable, reliable and sized right for a variety of aviation applications. Shop for grinding tools online, including replacement wheels, and save.

Grinding Tools

Grinders works by rotating an abrasive pad rapidly, using a motor. The coarseness of the pad determines how quickly the wheels will grind and how rough the resulting surface will be. Grinding tools can be used to strip paint, remove rust or to cut metals. In aviation applications, grinding tools are used to clean and refurbish aircraft parts, stripping away corrosion, adhesives, chemical damage and more. Our grinding tools are designed to be easy to use and include features like comfortable handles and easy disk changes. Grinding tools come in a variety of sizes to work for any project.


Grinding tools use wheels to get the job done but over time those wheels can wear out. Find replacement wheels at SkyGeek in a variety of types and sizes. Our grinding tools and related accessories are made by some of the best brands in the industry, so you can shop with confidence. Shop for replacement wheels in all types or grab a stripe wheel for the perfect finishing touch. Double-check the size of your grinder before ordering replacement parts and consumable disks.

Shop at SkyGeek to find grinding tools and grinding tool parts. We make it easy to clean and strip your aircraft parts so you can spend less money on replacements. Shop or full selection of grinding tools today and take advantage of our bake process and fast shipping. Select orders qualify for same-day shipping for an additional charge.