Aircraft Speakers

Aircraft speakers are designed to make communications between the pilot and the cabin easy. From speaking to your crew to alerting passengers that it's time to descent, aircraft speakers play an important role in the operation of your aircraft. Like other components, speakers wear out over time and new technologies make communicating easier than ever. When you're ready to replace the speakers in your aircraft, shop at SkyGeek for a full selection of speakers in all shapes and sizes.

Small Speakers, Big Sound

Aircraft cockpit speakers and aircraft cabin speakers are all small, lightweight and easy to install. What sets one speaker apart from another is the dimensions and the power demands. It's important to choose speakers that pair with the aircraft's existing infrastructure. Fortunately, SkyGeek makes it easy by labeling each speaker with dimensions, output capabilities, power demands and more.

All of our speakers are made to deliver exceptional clarity and sound, even though they're compact in size. If your speakers are making static sounds or if words are getting hard to understand, it may be time to replace them. Upgrade your aircraft's internal sound system with new speakers from SkyGeek.

Safety First

When ordering new speakers for your aircraft, it's smart to think about safety. In addition to relaying important information from the pilot to the crew and passengers, speakers can also be treated with flame retardant coatings to help prevent accidental fires. Flame retardant speakers are a great choice for use in any type of aircraft, ranging from commercial jetliners to small private jets or even cargo planes.

If you're in the market for new aircraft speakers, shop at SkyGeek. Our speakers are constructed with titanium and neodymium materials for a lightweight yet durable design. Order basic speakers or choose one of our flame-retardant designs that incorporate Kevlar® fabrics. Order online at for access to our complete collection of aircraft speakers from all of your favorite brands.