At SkyGeek, we carry an incredible selection of pliers that will complete any toolset. Our aviation pliers range from cutting pliers to safety wire installation wires. Our Stride Tool safety wire twisters are equipped with an automatic spring return for quick use and have a diagonal nose for hard-to-reach areas. These twist pliers eliminate the hassle of safety wire use while also providing comfort. We offer cutting pliers specially designed to slice through wire without compressing the surrounding area. Our cannon plug pliers are ideal to increase safety while installing electrical connectors. The ATI Tools cannon plug pliers are equipped with serrated plastic jaws and slip-joint handles for a tough grip with every use. Our selection of aviation pliers improve safety and ease maintenance on your aircraft. Our cutting pliers are well-designed to cut through wire and other materials without squashing, while our twist pliers facilitate easy safety wire installation. If you're looking for durable pliers that won't break your budget, SkyGeek has the items you need.

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