When you flip a switch or press a button, you expect something to happen. When it doesn't, this can quickly turn into a midair nightmare. Having access to switches by Switchcraft, PTT and others is probably a good idea, so make sure to check out SkyGeek's inventory. We've got military-grade push-button switches, toggle switches, and even a Nose Gear Limit switch for Pipers. All products feature low prices and quality manufacturing, and they emphasize functionality and reliability. Those are two terms that all pilots can appreciate.

We carry switches designed to resist both dust and moisture, and many are fit to use for multiple applications. Switches for compressors, auxiliary lights, and other accessories are ready for your perusal. Most switches are also resistant to shock and vibration and are qualified for all forms of demanding and critical jobs, so after installation, you should be convinced of their effectiveness. In addition, these products work nicely with military, commercial, aviation and off-highway equipment, and most all are economical and CSA Certified. SkyGeek also keeps you fully apprised of the switch's details, as you will find the specifications listed with each item.

The switch is simultaneously the simplest and most complex piece of equipment on an aircraft. It requires only the lightest amount of pressure, but the systems that they enable are exceedingly important and when the switch fails, the entire system doesn't function. That is not an enviable position for any pilot. Make sure that every last instrument is operating exactly as it should. Should you find a less-than-worthy switch, make sure to replace it immediately. Just remember to let SkyGeek switch you on to the right options.