A Rivnut is a tubular rivet. Featuring a threaded center, the welded rivet alternatives are designed to grab onto dissimilar materials for a stronger, longer lasting hold. Rivnuts have flush heads and are easier to install, taking less time to install than a traditional rivet and not requiring any special equipment. Rivnuts come in a variety of sizes and can be made from aluminum, steel, stainless steel or even brass depending on the application. SkyGeek carries a variety of Rivnuts to choose from, including ones made by all of your favorite brands.

Secure Anything

If you’ve been wanting to secure dissimilar materials, but have been having issues with your fasteners slipping, Rivnuts are the solution you’ve been looking for. Specially designed to secure dissimilar materials, Rivnuts are able to join parts that are made of entirely different things. Bond aluminum to steel and hold panels of different materials together with ease by installing a few well-placed Rivnuts. Best of all, no special tools or equipment is required, so you can enjoy fast, easy and affordable installations. Skip the traditional rivets and choose Rivnuts instead from SkyGeek.

Variety of Sizes

One size most certainly does not fit all when it comes to aircraft fasteners, which is why Rivnuts come in a variety of sizes. Choose a long, thin Rivnut or a short, wide Rivnut. We carry different diameters, lengths and types of Rivnuts to choose from so you can find the right fastener for any job. Rivnuts are clearly labeled with their sizes to make it easy to find the right piece for any project.

If you need a fastener that is designed to hold strong and last long, you need a Rivnut. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles of Rivnuts at SkyGeek and make quick work of your most important fastening projects and installations. Our Rivnuts are priced as low as possible and many are sold individually, so you won’t be pressured into buying more than you need. Order online or contact our team of Geeks if you need help choosing.