Regardless of size or frequency of use, SkyGeek can help you identify hardware. Take for instance, clamps. Like many kinds of hardware, clamps are fasteners. By applying inward pressure, these devices hold two objects together securely; this prevents movement and separation.

Clamps can be differentiated by such factors as size, types, and shape. Some are temporary (bar clamp) while others are permanent (hose clamp). Most clamps are made of metal—steel and aluminum alloy being the most common.

Aircraft utilize a variety of clamps including band clamps, which are used in ducting systems, and can be especially handy in tight areas. Aircraft also use clamps that conform to military standards. SkyGeek has an expanding inventory of clamps, particularly the MS21919 cushioned loop clamp. Click on the specific type of this series to find out more.

Note: when installing a clamp, make sure to use its torque value—usually found on the clamp or in the appropriate maintenance instruction manual.