Metal Prep

Beauty is only skin deep, but there’s nothing wrong with appreciating a pretty plane, Makes sure your aircraft is ready for paint or refinishing by using a metal prep product from SkyGeek. Take the easy route and let our powerful metal prep solutions do the hard work for you, getting surfaces ready to accept paint or primer. Our selection of premium preparation products includes things like Metalprep 79 for cleaning and conditioning, alkaline cleaners and plenty of conversion coating products designed to enhance paint adhesion while blocking corrosion. Our metal prep collection includes all of your favorite brands, with products for DIYers or professionals.


The first step to getting your aircraft ready to paint is to clean the surface. You’ll be surprised how much dirt and grime can accumulate on an aircraft after spending time in the sky. Blast away surface debris with a powerful cleaner and reveal a pristine surface that’s ready for a color application. Our cleaners are often all you need to work on a previously painted surface. Pick out a cleaner and conditioner combo to tackle tough jobs.

Conversion Coating Products

When a topcoat just won’t be enough, a conversion coating might deliver the protection and finish you need. At SkyGeek, we carry a variety of conversion coating products to choose from that are designed to interact with the metal surface of your aircraft to create a sleek, smooth new finish. As a bonus, many conversion coating products also reinforce the surface, adding hardness and an additional layer of protection against the elements. Conversion coating products work best on alloys like aluminum.

Give your aircraft a fresh new finish with metal prep products from SkyGeek. When beauty is only skin deep, we have the tools you need to completely refresh your finish. While you’re here, be sure to also check out our impressive selection of paint and primer supplies at great prices.