Metal Prep

Make sure metal surfaces on your aircraft are clean and ready for paint or refinishing by using quality metal prep products from SkyGeek. Our professional-quality metal prep products are designed to get the job done quickly and with minimal effort from you. The powerful solutions get surfaces completely clean and ready to accept paint or primer, leading to better adhesion and a longer-lasting finish. Shop for metal prep products from Henkel Bonderite®, PPG® Aerospace®, PPG® Semco®, Praxair® Surface Technologies and more, all in one convenient location. Our metal prep collection includes products for DIYers or professionals.

At SkyGeek, you'll find a great selection of cleaners, conversion coating products and much more to get the metal surfaces on your aircraft ready for any kind of finishing. Our cleaners are designed to blast away the grit and grime without any elbow grease required. Once the surface is clean, a conversion coating can be applied to deliver the protection and finish you need. Give your aircraft a smooth, new finish that's perfect for applying a topcoat. No matter what type of metal prep cleaner or metal conditioner products you need, you'll find them all at SkyGeek. Order online and save.