Cleco Temporary Fastener

For temporary repairs, sign installations and similar uses, choose Cleco temporary fastener pliers from SkyGeek. The simple hand tools are designed for use with Cleco sheet metal fasteners and offer a one-step installation process that's perfect for busy maintenance technicians, pilots and other professionals. The tools are commonly used in the aviation industry and are a must-have addition to your toolbox. Most Cleco pliers include padded handles for improved comfort during use and a metal head that can easily press the fastener into place.

Cleco temporary fastener pliers are made to provide just the right amount of force to install a Cleco sheet metal fastener. The fasteners are non-permanent and are often used in situations where a part needs to be temporarily attached to an aircraft or when a metal sign is being used. Order your favorite pair of pliers and then take a look at our selection of Cleco fasteners for a customized solution to your needs. At SkyGeek we offer the best selection of high-quality aviation tools, consumables, parts and accessories so you can shop when it's convenient for you and always find the parts that you need. If you have questions about our Cleco pliers or just want help finding the right one for your needs, reach out to our Geeks and they'll be happy to assist you.