Glass Cleaner

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Squashed bugs and bird poop on your aircraft's windows isn't a classy look. But have no fear - SkyGeek to the rescue! These high performance plastic, acrylic and glass cleaners will rid your prize bird of all the gunk that makes it look dingy. Choose from various brands of cleaners, such as Glass Plus, Granitize, Stoner, ZEP and Windex. Certain types are non-streaking and anti-static.

Prist Aerospace makes an anti-static solution that can clean glass, plastic and acrylic of various kinds of grease and organic compounds. Water based Aero Cosmetics Plex ALL will clean and leave a protective anti-static coating on heated glass and plastic windows. It can also be used on cockpit displays and instruments. Rain-X is a water repellant treatment for glass that improves visibility in wet weather.

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