Plastic Cleaner

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Does it seem like all the birds and bugs are following you and your aircraft around, only so they can smear up those nice plastic windows with gunk? If so, we have effective plastic and plexiglass cleaner that will clean all that up for you, from leading companies such as AeroShell, AVLabs and Arrow Magnolia.

AeroShell's Flight Jacket plexicoat increases visibility and will actually extend the life of your windows while removing oil stains, bugs and light scratches. Their Flight Jacket Touch & Go is a fast and effective spot cleaner in between regular cleanings. All Kleer windshield cleaner and polish is specially made for aircraft. It cleans, polishes, repels dust and inhibits fogging. Arrow Magnolia metal polish and plastics cleaner brings back the shine and forms a protective film. You'll also find other formulas for aircraft glass, plastic and plexiglass cleaning; windscreen wash and deicer; plastic detailer/cleaner and protectant polish.

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