Are you looking for adjustable, precise aviation wrenches? We carry the wrenches you need to work on your aircraft. Try the Avery Tool Hartzell Propeller Wrench, an affordable wrench designed specifically to torque the nuts on your prop hub. Try the KD tools torque wrench with an impressive English range of 50 to 250 foot-pounds. This Ratchet Drive Torque Wrench will deliver the tough grip you need to work on your aircraft or other machinery with ease. To adjust, install or remove internal hex nuts on your Lycoming engines, our Aircraft Tool Supply Allen-Type Cylinder Wrench is ideal. This drop-forged 4130 steel wrench has been hardened to 48 Rockwell, durable and built to last. For effortless oil filter removal, the F&M Enterprises Oil Filter Torque Wrench gets the job done. Our heavy-duty oil filter wrench has a pre-set torque arm and fits all standard aircraft oil filters. Don't struggle with a cumbersome wrench; this compact product will make oil filter installation and removal a breeze, even in tight spaces. We carry the convenient Rapco Vacuum Pump Wrench, engineered specifically to access your engine pump without hassle. SkyGeek carry the wrenches any aviator needs for do it yourself maintenance.

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