A solvent is simply a substance that is capable of dissolving to form a solution. Solvents are typically liquids and different solvents are used for dissolving different materials. Common uses for solvents include cleaning, thinning paint, removing paint, removing fluid and removing stains. Solvents may also be used in the creation of certain detergents as well as other applications throughout the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, gas, automotive and aerospace industries.

SkyGeek carries a large selection of solvents to choose from. Many serve more than one purpose, acting as a degreasing agent, a cleaner and a paint thinner all at once. Others are more specific and are used for specialized tasks in the shop such as removing adhesives or cleaning glass. Our solvents are clearly labeled to make it easy to identify their use and purpose. We carry solvents by many of the most trusted brand names in the industry so you can shop with confidence knowing that you're getting a premium product at a great price.

Solvents are available in a wide range of container sizes depending on their purpose. Smaller containers of cleaners and degreasers make it easy to resolve spills and messes in the shop while larger drums of paint thinners, adhesive removers and other commonly used solvents offer the best value and convenience. For more information about a particular solvent or to see which container sizes are available, click on the image of the solvent you are interested in from the list that is shown.

Solvents sold by SkyGeek are chosen for their exceptional performance and value. We strive to offer the best selection of cleaners, degreasers and paint thinners on the market to make it easy to for aircraft mechanics, maintenance technicians and other professionals to get the high-quality, professional results they are looking for at an affordable price. Shop our selection today to find the right solvent for your needs.

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