You’re an aircraft mechanic, not a magician and sometimes basic scotch tape or duct tape just won’t cut it. For times like those, SkyGeek carries serious tape that’s specially designed to fix breaks, wobbles, vibrations and other problems onboard your aircraft. Our flexible and affordable tapes are so good at holding things together that you might feel a little unnecessary. Shop for general purpose paper masking tape in an assortment of widths, heavy-duty protective tape, glass cloth flame retardant tape, aluminum foil tape, vibration dampening tape and much more, all available in our online store.

Tons of Tape

At SkyGeek, we carry tons of tape. Literally. Our warehouse is full of every type of tape you could ever imagine. From everyone’s favorite duct tape to specialty anti-slip tapes and beyond, we carry self-adhesive rolls of tape for virtually every need. Stock your toolbox or hangar with a variety of tapes to make sure you always have a handle on any project. From installations to repairs, our tapes are designed to get the job done quickly and easily. They’re remarkably easy to handle and with so many types of tape to choose from, you’ll find a tape for every need.

Affordable and Adhesive

Duct tape is a fan-favorite because it’s affordable and easy to use. Keeping with that theme, all of the tapes sold at SkyGeek are priced as low as possible and they’re all self-adhesive too. Forget pastes, glues and squeeze tubes of adhesive. Our tape strips go on in seconds and hold strong, offering unbeatable protection and performance. Use specialty tapes to tackle a variety of projects throughout your aircraft and take advantage of SkyGeek’s low prices to get more adhesive tapes for less money.

Shop at SkyGeek to get your hands on all types of tape. Our impressive selection includes hundreds of different tapes to choose from, so you can order a roll of basic masking tape or a specialty tape to tackle a difficult install. Our premium tapes are designed to hold strong and get the job done, whatever that job may be.