If an aircraft is wired it doesn't mean it has had too much caffeine. Usually wiring relates to electrical and mechanical systems of parts and assemblies. And at SkyGeek, we're rolling out the wire in order to keep you connected.

Besides carrying electrical loads, wires carry with them a simplicity in both form and function. A wire is basically a string of metal that acts as a stranded conductor; since it conducts electricity, it is normally insulated. Wire is a broad term but when it comes in multi-stranded bundles it has a more precise designation; wire rope (mechanics) and cable (electricity).

Deciding on the right wire can be tricky but using the following guidelines will facilitate the process. As mentioned, wires are made of metal. Strands are commonly made of steel, Inconel, brass and copper. When selecting one material over another, keep in mind that different metals possess different properties, so for instance, while stainless steel is sturdier than nickel, nickel is more conductive. Other than material, length and diameter should be considered. Buying a roll of wire involves knowing where and how you are using it; if you are using it once or multiple times; and what it is being applied to.

Search SkyGeek's expanding inventory of wires. For more information click on a particular brand or a series of wires that conform to a specific U.S. military standard.