ARMITE™ Lubricants

Armite Lubricants, Anti-Seize Compounds & More

Armite Laboratories, Inc. is a well-known manufacturer of lubricants, anti-seize compounds and sealants. The brand makes products that meet the highest standards and are even used by the U.S. military, so you can shop for Armite products with confidence knowing your lubricants and other compounds will stand up to whatever you can throw at them. Order your favorite Armite Laboratories products or discover something new when you shop by brand at SkyGeek.


A good lubricant should keep your aircraft's moving parts gliding with ease and without producing friction or heat. Armite Laboratories, Inc. lubricants do just that, ensuring your aircraft's important parts don't succumb to unnecessary wear and tear. Armite Laboratories, Inc. lubricants are designed to work in some of the most challenging conditions, resisting friction and chemical contamination. For basic lubricating needs order a can of Armite 12-01 Yellow VV-P-236A Spec Petroleum Jelly, designed to be applied by brush, knife or gloved finger. Other Armite lubricants are also available.

Anti-Seize Compounds

Your aircraft's moving parts can seize up when exposed to excess heat or moisture. Make sure that everything moves the way it's supposed to by ordering an anti-seize compound you can trust. Armite anti-seize compounds come in a variety of formulas and container sizes, so you can find the perfect product for any need. Choose Armite 08-02 Gray MIL-PRF-83483E Spec Molybdenum Disulfide Petrolatum Anti-Seize Thread Compound in a travel-size eight-ounce tube or pick out a can of Armite LED Plate 250 Gray High-Temperature Anti-Seize Sealing Compound for application where you need to seal and secure a connection without hindering movement.

Shop the full collection of Armite Laboratories, Inc. products at SkyGeek and save on the specialty lubricants and anti-seize compounds you need to keep your aircraft running smoothly. Our impressive selection coupled with Armite's reputation for excellence means you'll find the exact products you need to tackle a wide range of applications. Order online at and have your favorite Armite Laboratories, Inc. products delivered right to your door.