Terminal Junction Blocks

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A terminal junction block is essentially a convenient connection point for a set of wires. Terminal blocks range in size, connecting two or more wires together using a simple method. The block acts like an organized collection of splices, where each set of wires entering the block have two adjacent screw terminals connected by metal plates to conduct electricity. Wires can also terminate into the block, offering a safe end point for a connection.

Safety First

The main point of using a terminal junction block is to improve safety when creating multiple wire connections. The block allows the user to create connections using a screw terminal, which is easy and secure. It’s the perfect choice for semi-permanent connections, like those used in many aviation applications. The blocks have durable exteriors that are also insulated, reducing the risk of shock from a loose or exposed connection.

Brand Name Blocks

SkyGeek is your source for premium aircraft parts, tools and accessories, including brand name terminal junction blocks. Our Military Standard terminal junction blocks are some of the best on the market and come in a variety of sizes and styles. The blocks deliver security and versatility, so you can create custom electrical installations in an instant. Terminal junction blocks are compatible with wiring and other electrical accessories of different brands, so you can mix and match your components, your wires and your terminal blocks without worry.

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