Polyurethane Topcoat Paint

For a hard-wearing finish that will last, choose polyurethane paint or your bird. Designed to stand up to all kinds of weather and wear, polyurethane paint from SkyGeek is the perfect choice for industrial applications. The paint is made using a combination of a poly resin and an isocyanate hardener or other curing agent. The paint goes on smooth and acts like a liquid plastic, drying to form a paint-like film on the surface of your choosing. Unlike a standard paint, polyurethane paint is extremely durable, so your aircraft will look great flight after flight.

Easy to Apply

Polyurethane paint is easy to apply and goes on using standard equipment. The paint readily dries at room temperature and slowly hardens to a durable finish. You can apply polyurethane over paint or you can apply it to a bare surface to get the protection you want and the color you love. We even carry the PREVAL® 0267 Paint Spray Gun system for easy application of your favorite paint products.

Find Your Finish

Polyurethane paints come in a variety of sizes and brands, so you can find Sherwin-Williams® Ghost Gray, Hentzen Gloss Red, POLANE® Flat Black and all of your other favorites in one convenient location. Give your bird a brand new look or shop for safety colors to make your aircraft easier to see on the ground. The options are endless when you order polyurethane paints from SkyGeek.

Enjoy pure color and protection you can count on when you shop for polyurethane paint at SkyGeek. We carry the best selection at competitive prices, so you find your favorite brands or shop for specific colors to bring your bird back to its former beauty. Order online and enjoy fast shipping on dozens of different paint products.