Headband Magnifiers

At SkyGeek, we carry the aviation products designed to make your repairs and maintenance easier. Our hands-free magnifiers are ideal for any handyman! Our headband magnifiers allow you to use both hands to work on your aircraft. We offer the best quality Donegan products, such as the OptiVISOR LX Binocular Magnifier, priced at only $21.44. This headband magnifier is fully adjustable and includes moveable side pivots so you can tilt the visor with ease. Don't struggle to hold a magnifier while tinkering in dark areas. Try the Donegan VisorLIGHT that clips to your Donegan visor. This battery-powered light comes in two models with varying cord lengths for your needs. Attach the VisorLIGHT for a convenient illuminated magnifier for those hard-to-see places on your aircraft. Our lighted magnifiers are ideal and eliminate the struggle of holding a flashlight while working. For any handy aviator, a hands-free magnifier is an essential tool. Buy yours today and save with SkyGeek.

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