Calibration Fluid

Try to maintain an aircraft engine and you will quickly realize it requires a lot of fluids—almost as many fluids as there are parts in its assemblage. Calibration fluid is just one that a smooth running engine uses.

When you're calibrating fuel system components in an aircraft turbine engine, you need a high-quality Stoddard solvent with stabilizing additives. That's where SkyGeek comes in. We carry calibration fluids for fuel metering that helps prevent the formation of peroxides and gums in and around vital components.

Available in our warehouse is Castrol Brayco 922, a fluid compatible with nitrile, PVA and Viton that can give you the flexibility you need. It works well within a temperature range of 50°F to 86°F, so it's versatile enough for use in most indoor climates. We also carry ROYCO 950 calibration fluid, which provides the same advantages and flexibility.

We understand that proper fuel metering can make a huge difference in the operation and longevity of your aircraft. These simulated fuels provide reliable test results that can help ensure your aircraft engines perform at maximum capacity and with high efficiency.

Not convinced? The U.S. military is. In fact, these fluids meet MIL-PRF-7024E, Type II specifications, so they've got what it takes to measure up to the toughest demands. If you're not up to snuff, our calibration fluids can help make the proper adjustments.