Paint Paddles / Stirrers

What's the big deal about wooden paint stirrers? Try stirring a lumpy can of paint with a pencil and you'll soon find out. At SkyGeek, we offer a huge selection of wooden paint paddles and paint stirrers that are perfect for blending lumpy or separated layers of liquids (thixotropic) into a smooth, well-blended mixture that can be neatly spread over the substrate of your choice. When it comes to mixing paints and similar products, you need the right tool for the job. That's where wooden paint paddles from SkyGeek come into play. We carry a large selection of paint stirrers and paddles, ranging from wide to thin and everything in between. Our paint stirring sticks are extremely durable and super affordable, so you'll never have to settle for a sub-par stirring experience ever again. We sell our sticks in bulk lots of 25 to keep costs down and we even offer various lengths to suit your needs. Use a paint stir stick to get the perfectly creamy, smooth mixture you're looking for no matter how badly your paint has separated.

Before you get too excited about our low prices and add sticks to your cart without looking, take a moment to consider what length of paint stirring sticks you need. Order a six-inch length for close stirring or for working with small amounts product like a fast-drying epoxy, or larger 21-inch paint mixing sticks for bigger jobs. Make sure you keep plenty of clean paint stir sticks on hand so you have a fresh one every time you open the can. Our paint sticks are cheap, disposable and environmentally-friendly, so use a new one each time you open your paint. At our low prices, why not? Buying in bulk is a smart choice too and many of our paint sticks and paint paddles qualify for special bulk pricing to reduce costs even more. In a hurry? Same-day shipping is available on our indispensable paint mixing tools so your project won't be delayed.