Modern airplanes have a lot of on-board electronics, including a powerful host of instruments that are designed to perform a range of duties from navigation to communicating with the ground. Make sure your aircraft is up to date with the latest electronics by shopping for new instruments at SkyGeek. Replace worn out components or upgrade to the latest and greatest gadgets, all in one place.

Navigation Instruments

Make sure you never lose your way by ordering navigation equipment from SkyGeek. A compass is one of the most basic navigational instruments a pilot can use. Need a new compass for your airplane? Check out our Piper airplane compass, which helps you find your way, even under thick cloud cover. We also carry navigation antennas, like the Cobham Comant CI-120G/S VOR/GS Navigation Antenna Set that mounts easily to your aircraft. Other types of navigational equipment is also available to make sure you’re safe while you sail through the sky.

Communication Instruments

Before, during and after your flight, you’ll be in contact with crews on the ground. From talking to the tower to getting the all-clear from your ground crew, it’s important to have the right communication instruments for a clear connection. At SkyGeek, we offer a huge selection of avionics and instruments, including transceivers, handheld radios and more. Make sure you have a clear connection with the ground by keeping your communication instruments up-to-date and in perfect working order.

Shop at SkyGeek for all of the aircraft instruments you need and then some. We carry a huge selection of brands, instrument types and more, so you’ll find just what you need. Whether you’re replacing an instrument, upgrading to a newer model or installing something completely new, SkyGeek is here to help with a dedicated team of Geeks that will support you before, during and after your purchase. Shop online and be sure to reach out with any questions you may have.