Static Wicks

If you're the type that hates a noisy ride, you need Dayton-Granger Static Dischargers from SkyGeek. The small add-ons help reduce static electricity buildup, thereby reducing noise for a quieter, more calm ride. The small components are easy to install and are designed to last, flight after flight. Our discharge wicks or static wicks are made by Dayton-Granger and have been proven to improve the aircraft's running performance while also reducing noise for a more enjoyable flight experience. Each discharger includes a conductive rod that works to provide a low-resistance path between the air and your aircraft to prevent the buildup of static electricity for a smoother ride and better operation of your onboard features, including the radio.

Static dischargers are an incredibly useful add-on, yet they don't come standard with most aircraft models. If you're experiencing noisy flights, excess static electricity and radio interference, you can probably benefit from a new static discharger. Browse our selection today to find the right accessory for your aircraft, or give our Geeks a call for more personalized service. Our static dischargers are priced low, making a safer, quieter ride within every pilot's reach.

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