Thread Compound

Assembly is sometimes easier than disassembly. This is definitely the case if you have ever tried to remove threaded fasteners or components that have been warped by heat, pressure, etc. When this occurs, the answer to your plane repair prayers comes in the form of anti-seize threaded compounds.

We've all experienced the frustration of stuck bolts and other fasteners, and some of us are gluttons for punishment (hey, we learn better if we do it the hard way). Thankfully, you don't have to follow in our footsteps; you can use anti-seize thread-sealing compounds. We have all kinds from trusted names like Henkel, Armite and Lockrey that will save you from countless and avoidable fits of rage.

We have compounds that conform to military specifications such as SAE-AMS-2518, which was formerly classified as MIL-T-5544C as well as others that meet the requirements of General Electric Specification A50TF201. Conformity to standards established through rigorous testing is something you want in the products you buy.

The anti-seize thread-sealing compounds we carry are made with high-quality ingredients that have passed the test of time as well. Some contain graphite while others possess the power of molybdenum sulfide (MOS2). Both are capable of resisting corrosion, extreme pressure and oxidation; they can even provide protection from salt water and other potential contaminants. Moreover, these compounds can handle high loads while reducing friction, galling and seizing over wide temperature ranges. That is exactly what you want when maintenance requires you to be a smooth operator.