De-Ice Fluid

Old man winter's got nothing on us! Our high performance deicing fluids will clear your plane for a safe takeoff faster than you can say "frozen toes." If you've ever driven around in the winter and tried to wash your windows without a decent de-icer in your windshield wiper fluid, you'll know what an important substance this is. Now think of a similar hazard while flying aircraft. But there's no need to worry. Here at, we have a wide selection of de-ice fluids, deicing liquids and TKS fluids from top companies like Arrow Magnolia, AeroShell, AvLabs, Prestone and Kilfrost. You'll find combination de-icer and window cleaner, anti-icing aviation fuel additive, fuel system icing inhibitor and more in various configurations and sizes. TKS fluid systems prevents freezing by distributing fluids through porous metal parts on wings, stabilizers, propellers and winds screens. When you hit the high altitudes and come face to face with freezing temperatures, you'll be glad that you stocked up on the deicing fluid and TKS fluid for sale here. You'll find de-icers that meet military specifications and fuel additives with de-icers to keep crystals from developing in fuel tanks. Get rid of that ice right away and have a safe flight!