De-Ice Fluid

Don’t let old man winter keep you grounded. Instead, order high-performance de-icing fluid from SkyGeek. The spray-on deicers are designed to clear your plane for takeoff quickly and with little fuss. If you've ever driven around in the winter, you know how quickly ice can overtake your windshield, but de-icer fluid from SkyGeek makes quick work of de-icing planes so you'll be clear and ready for takeoff in no time.

At SkyGeek we carry a huge selection of de-ice fluids to choose from including TKS fluids, de-icing fluids and de-ice fluids from top-rated brands like Arrow Magnolia, AeroShell, AvLabs, Pretone and Kilfrost. You can even order a combination de-icer and window cleaner for a two-in-one solution to improve visibility. Our anti-icing aviation fluids are designed for use on wings, stabilizers, propellers, windscreens and of course windshields and windows. Shop for de-icers that meet military specifications, fuel additives with de-icers, liquid ice melt and much more, all in one location. Get rid of ice in a hurry and have a safe flight by shopping the selection of seasonal airplane de-icing fluid at SkyGeek.