Air Chucks

How much air would an air chuck chuck if an air chuck could chuck air? Quite a bit, we’d imagine. At SkyGeek, we carry a large selection of heavy-duty air chucks that are designed to help keep your tires properly inflated at all times. While these tiny tools can’t inflate your tires on their own, they can control the flow of air through the stem using a valve, so you can keep an eye on your air gauge and prevent your tires from popping. Safe, convenient and easy to use, our air chucks make your most critical maintenance tasks a breeze.

Air Chucks for Every Tire

Your tires are unique and your air chucks should be unique too. At SkyGeek, we carry everything from the sleek Tronair® H-2016-07 Inflator Air Chuck with a steel body to the Dill Air Controls 6293B Air Chuck with a 1/4-inch NPT female clip-on head. Find air chucks for air meters, air hoses and more. You’ll even find push-on, lock-on chucks for all of your tire inflating and pressure gauging needs. There’s an air chuck for every tire when you shop at SkyGeek.

Durable Construction

Adding air to your aircraft’s tire is no joke. To achieve the levels of pressure needed to accommodate landing a large aircraft, you need an air chuck that can handle the heavy loads. Fortunately, the air chucks sold by SkyGeek are designed with aviators in mind and are made from durable materials that can handle high pressures without bursting.

When you need a high-quality, high-pressure air chuck, you need to shop at SkyGeek. We've got the top-quality air chucks you’ve been searching for to keep those tires properly inflated. Order a single air chuck or pick out an air chuck and hose assembly that arrives ready to use. When it comes to tire inflating and pressure gauging needs, SkyGeek has you covered with premium air chucks and practically anything else you could need for your aircraft.