HYLOMAR AeroGrade Sealants & Adhesives

HYLOMAR® AeroGrade sealants and adhesives from SkyGeek are some of the finest high-performance products you can choose for your aircraft. Find all of your favorite HYLOMAR products at SkyGeek, including several varieties of AeroGrade gasket sealants in easy-to-use tubes. HYLOMAR gasket sealants are available in light, medium or heavy varieties to give you the strength and hold you need for any project. HYLOMAR AeroGrade was originally developed in conjunction with Rolls Royce for sealing joints in aircraft engines.

Stops and Prevents Leaks

HYLOMAR AeroGrade is the premier gasket sealant when you want to stop leaks or prevent them before they can start, particularly at joints and other notoriously weak spots. The gasket sealant goes on smoothly and forms a tight seal with the first application, flowing easily from the tube and staying flexible at a wide range of operating temperatures. Order light-duty gasket sealant, medium-duty gasket sealant or heavy-duty gasket sealant depending on your needs and get the reliability you expect from HYLOMAR AeroGrade at an affordable price.

Non-Setting & Non-Hardening Formula

HYLOMAR AeroGrade gasket and jointing compound from SkyGeek is designed to work at a wide-range of operating temperatures without hardening or losing flexibility. The formula works from -50ºC to 250ºC, making it the ideal choice for a variety of uses. HYLOMAR Blue AeroGrade is highly engineered and is designed to resist setting and hardening, so you can enjoy long-lasting flexibility and a more reliable hold.

Shop at SkyGeek to find the best selection of HYLOMAR sealant products for all of your joint sealing needs. The flexible, affordable formula is resistant to all types of water and oil products, including turbine and piston engine combustion products. The jointing compound is also resistant to many lubricating oils, so joints remain flexible and seals remain in place. Oder light-, medium- or heavy-duty HYLOMAR gasket sealer from SkyGeek for the reliable seal you need to take to the skies with confidence.