ELT Antennas

Make sure you stay on the grid by equipping your aircraft with a high-quality emergency locator transmitter from SkyGeek. An ELT antenna is designed to deliver a strong, clear signal that lets everyone know where you are, whether you’re climbing the mountains or soaring over the seas. Our ELT antennas come in a variety of styles, including stainless steel whip ELT antennas, telescoping antennas, ELT blade antennas and much more. We even carry two-band antennas and tri-band ELTs.

Safety First

An emergency locator transmitter is a vital piece of safety equipment that every plane should be equipped with. At SkyGeek, we make safety a priority and make it easy for you to get the safety equipment you need by offering a large selection of ELTs for every aircraft. Order an Artex 350-Knot Rod ELT Antenna, an Artex Dual Input Tri-band Mach-1 Blade ELT Antenna or even an Artex 300-Knot Whip ELT Antenna and take advantage of SkyGeek’s low prices. Our high-quality ELTs are designed to work in any conditions, providing reliable location data in the event of an emergency.

Trusted Brands

Shopping for safety equipment is not the time to try out a new brand. Make sure you get the best ELT available by choosing a brand you know and love. At SkyGeek, we’ve done the hard work for you and have picked out the best brands in the aviation world, so you can take to the skies with confidence knowing that your safety equipment has your back. Shop for brands like Artex, Dayton-Granger, RAMI and more, all at fantastic prices.

Just to make sure we’re clear, SkyGeek is the source for ELT antennas and other communications equipment. With over 40 years of aviation experience, you can trust our team of Geeks to deliver the goods quickly and safely. For questions about any of our emergency locator transmitters, just give our Geeks a call toll free at 1(888) 759-4335 and they’ll be happy to help.