JIFFY Rivet Gun Rivet Sets

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At SkyGeek, we carry the JiffyGun rivet fasteners you need to permanently secure your aircraft's parts. Our Jiffy rivet sets include straight and offset varieties for excellent performance in different aviation jobs. We also carry individual and mixed sets for your aircraft's unique needs. The Aircraft Tool Supply JiffyGun fasteners are compatible with multiple JiffyGun models, ideal for rivet replacement and to stock up for future projects. The straight and flush rivet set includes four straight rivets of different sizes. This convenient product is the perfect kit for any airplane mechanic, including each of the four straight varieties and flush bolts for quick repair and replacement. Our 10 degree offset rivet set includes each of the four different rivet sizes. For fast installation and long-lasting use, our JiffyGun rivets and rivet sets are a great investment. We offer the best selection of sizes and types to permanently secure your aircraft.

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