Maintaining your aircraft’s exterior is vital for improving fuel efficiency. A clean, waxed aircraft glides through the air easier, reducing drag and improving fuel usage. As an aircraft flies, it’s normal to become dirty due to bug splatters, carbon deposits, oil deposits and more. As these types of messes build up, the drag coefficient increases and more fuel is burned as the aircraft soars through the sky. Fortunately, dry washes are an easy and effective way to remove most things from the outside of the aircraft, reducing the drag coefficient and improving fuel efficiency.

No Water Needed

As the name implies, dry wash can do its thing without any water needed. Just spray it on, scrub it in and wipe it clean. Each formula is unique and is deigned to work a little bit differently, but all dry washes are able to remove dirt, grime and other debris without the need for a nearby water supply. Not only is this convenient, it’s also eco-friendly. Order a lot of dry wash, like a gallon-size jug of Celeste® SP-86000D3 DRY ELITE® Next Generation Dry Wash and Polish or order a little bit of dry wash like a pint-size can of Aero Glaze® Aircraft Dry Wash. Many of our best-selling products are available in multiple sizes, so you can order as much or as little as you need.

Wash and Polish in One Step

Once you wash your aircraft, you’ll want to give it a good polish to prolong the effects of the washing. A good polish can also help further reduce the drag coefficient, improving fuel efficiency a little bit more. Fortunately, polishing can be done quickly and easily when you choose a dry wash that also doubles as a polish. Get more done in less time by ordering a one-step wash and polish combo like Zip-Chem® Calla® AN-2001-P Aircraft Polish and Drywash

Visit SkyGeek to find all of the dry wash products you could ever need. We carry dry washes from all of the leading brands, all designed to deliver excellent results in little time, without the need for a nearby water source. You’ll love not only the convenience of our dry washes, but also the results and improved fuel efficiency. Order now and have your selections delivered right to your hangar.