Wire Strippers

For a safe way to strip and cut your wiring, we carry the tools you need at the lowest prices. Our aviation wire snippers cut through wire without flattening. Many of our wire tools are designed for multi-purpose use, such as the Innovative Tools Two-In-One! This tool is offered in five and six inch varieties, constructed to cut and strip your wire. The two-in-one wire cutter and stripper tool is ideal for thermostat wire and won't leave stripping holes on your wire. If you're looking for a full-flush cutter and self-adjusting stripper, this $6.99 tool will deliver. We offer the Stride Tool Milbar 15E Crimper and Multi-Purpose tool at $19.99. This exciting tool crimps terminals, cuts bolts and cuts and strips wires with ease. The Stride Tools Milbar 25E does all this and more! The 25E crimps open barrel, closed barrel, or flag terminals, and also includes a heavy duty bolt cutter for added versatility. For aviation wire strippers, cutters and crimpers, SkyGeek carries the highest quality products available.

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