PTFE Teflon Lubricant

PTFE Teflon™ lubricants are designed to penetrate deeply into moving parts, preventing friction and keeping everything moving smoothly. Available in a variety of formulas and formats, the lubricant can be used throughout your aircraft with reliable results. Use the high-grade petroleum oil to lubricate parts that are exposed to extreme temperatures or even humidity and trust that PTFE Teflon™ lubricant will hold strong.

Lubricate and Protect

PTFE Teflon™ lubricants from SkyGeek do more than just act like grease for your critical components. TRI-FLOW® Superior Lubricant with P.T.F.E. also protects, helping to soften and lift away dirt or grime where it is applied. It can also displace moisture to help prevent rust and corrosion on your most critical parts. PTE Teflon™ lubricant makes it easy to lubricate and protect with just one convenient application. LPS® 00605 Magnum Brown PTFE Teflon™ Premium Lubricant boasts a high flash point, corrosion protection and is safe to use on most surfaces.

Convenient Sizes Available

Whether you're a pilot, an aviation technician at a small hangar or a commercial aircraft mechanic that spends their days doing repairs, SkyGeek has the right size of PTFE Teflon™ lubricant for your needs. Our lubricants come in small, aerosol cans or large pails, so you can get as much or as little as you need. PTFE Teflon™ lubricant is lightweight and thin, so it spreads easily and won’t weigh you down.

Make sure your aircraft is well lubricated and that everything moves smoothly by ordering your favorite PTFE Teflon™ lubricants from SkyGeek. We carry name brands and proven formulas, so you can enjoy reliable results and lubricating power that lasts. Order online and get fast shipping on in-stock supplies. When it comes to aircraft lubricants, you can trust SkyGeek because we’ve been serving the skies for over 10 years. For questions or for help placing an order, send our Geeks a message and they’ll be happy to help.