Propeller Protractor

To measure any angle with extreme precision, use SkyGeek's propeller protractor. We carry the SmartTool Pro 360 digital propeller protractor for $179.99. This digital protractor employs a liquid-filled sensor and is specialized for your aviation needs. The SmartTool protractor has lightweight aluminum frame with a grooved bottom to eliminate the hassle when working with round or uneven objects. One single nine volt battery will power this item for up to 500 hours, so you are never left without the working protractor you need. Our digital protractor needs calibration before use and can be readjusted in the field for the most accurate readings. Uses for the SmartTool protractor include, but are not limited to, machinery set-up, satellite alignment, installation and general repairs and even rail-track layout. A propeller protractor is a useful item for any aviator and handyman, and the Pro 360 digital propeller's sleek design will fit easily into your cockpit, toolbox or garage. Try the Pro 360 propeller protractor for your next project and get precise readings every time.

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