Hi Lok Tools

At SkyGeek, view our expansive selection of Hi-Lok tools. We carry a variety of Hi-Lok items, from drivers to removal pliers. Hi-Lok offers a unique wrench, designed specifically for fastener installation. This impressive wrench, tested to 220 inch-pounds, allows for easy maneuvering in tight spaces with zero backlash. Use along with the Hi-Lok hex drivers to hold fasteners in place during installation. Our Hi-Lok wrench collection includes four clutch wrenches of various sizes, each built to prevent lost motion and allow for simplified fastener fitting and repair. For a complete kit that will aid in Hi-Lok fastener installation, try the Liberator Roller Clutch Ratchet Kit. This complete kit is engineered to help install Hi-Loks even in the most difficult spaces. With this interchangeable kit, the combinations are endless. If you need to remove or repair your Hi-Lok fasteners, the Zephyr Removal Pliers will perform with ease. These affordable pliers effortlessly grip and remove four popular fastener sizes quickly. An alternative to these pliers are our Hi-Lok removal sockets which tightly attach to Hi-Lok fasteners for easy removal.

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