Solid Film Lubricants

Since you're such a slick operator, you need to know about our premium solid film lubricant. We carry several different kinds, such as Dow Corning's Molykote G-Rapid Plus, a solid lubricant paste that can be used for lubricating machines, gears and machine elements. U.S.-made Everlube Lubri-Bond excels with heavy load carrying uses and provides resistance to corrosion. Everlube's thermally cured Mil-Spec MoS2 lubricant offers long life and abrasion resistance in temperatures ranging from 800 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. You'll also find high temperature solid film lubricant that's used by military and commercial jet manufacturers.

For low friction and light loads, we have Tiolon A20, made from PTFE lubricant pigment and fast-drying thermoplastic resin. It's ideal for wood, plastic, rubber and glass.