Inspection Mirror

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With these telescoping inspection mirrors, you can be a true private eye, spying on people around corners and through small cracks in their closets. Or you can use one to easily inspect all the nooks and crannies of your aircraft and peer inside of the various components that are tucked away in tight places. We're guessing (and quite honestly, hoping) that you'll want to use it for the latter. Need to find a lost screw that dropped down into an assembly? That's the sort of thing a safety inspection mirror is ideal for. You can choose from different models, from a basic telescoping utility mirror to a lighted inspection mirror complete with magnet pickup tool for scooping up that missing screw once you've located it.

There are pocket-sized mirrors and glass-faced magnifying mirrors with PVC-coated telescoping handles that can go from 7 inches to more than 2 feet. Do you need a 1-1/4 or 2-1/4 round mirror? We've got those as well. These high-quality telescoping mirrors are available in a range of prices to fit every need and budget. has been helping to make life easier for pilots and other aviation professionals since 2003.

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