Engine Compressor Wash

No one likes a dirty bird. What's more, when you don't keep your aircraft engine clean, corrosion can build up, leading to reduced performance and a potential safety hazard. Don't let that happen! These high-quality turbine engine compressor wash products will let you clean your turbine engine without having to do an engine shutdown or an overhaul.

Clean the engine as it runs with a product like ECT's R-MC turbine engine compressor cleaner, and you can be ready to go in under 30 minutes. With B&B TC-100 compressor wash, mixing is not required for most applications and it also doesn't need to be rinsed. Are you wondering about MIL-PRF-85704 Type II vs. ZOK-27? Read about the benefits of ZOK International 27 concentrated gas turbine compressor cleaning fluid. It complies with military specification MIL-PRF-85704C.

These innovative products help to prevent corrosion and buildup, extending the life of your engine. It has been reported by turbine operators that after using compressor wash, you'll see better performance and a large decrease in engine temperature. These compressor washes are non-toxic and non-flammable for your safety and the safety of your aircraft.

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