Grease Guns

For easy, mess-free grease application, our selection of aviation grease guns will work for you. Don't stain your clothes or struggle with that messy greasy residue after application! At SkyGeek, we carry 14 different grease guns for any aviator or mechanic's needs and style. Our selection of Plews grease guns are the best in the business, allowing for one handed operation. Plews grease guns are compatible with standard grease cartridges, with different size specifications for each gun, or can be loaded using suction. If you're looking for the strongest grease gun available in a portable, convenient package, try the Plews Lubrimatic Pro Tuff 18v, a cordless product that delivers more than 7,500 PSI. This state-of-the-art grease gun will open any grease fittings, no matter how stubborn. For compact greasing, the Performance Tool Wilmar mini grease gun delivers. This heavy-duty product uses three ounce grease cartridges and includes an air bleeder valve to prevent air lock. If you are looking for durable and effective grease guns, we carry the products you need. Our grease guns are a portable and effective item to add to your toolbox!

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