Acid Brushes

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Do you need a strong, durable brush for applying substances such as glue, paint, grease and solvents? These acid brushes are made with tough horsehair, which seems to suit the horses that they came from just fine. They'll suit you just as well. You'll be able to apply whatever it is you need to put on thickly, evenly and smoothly, yet they're the perfect size to get into corners and tight spots. Unlike actual horses, these horsehair brushes won't shed, so you'll only end up with what you spread on and not stray bristles. These rugged tin handle horsehair brushes are a classic, just like you. is your premiere source for specialty aircraft parts, tools and everything else you'll ever need for your maintenance work. We gather together all the leading companies in their respective industries and save you the trouble. Give our aerospace geeks a call and test their knowledge and know-how!