Acid Brushes

For applying acids, solvents, glues and adhesives, you need a brush that’s tough enough to handle the tough stuff. Acid brushes from SkyGeek are made from durable horsehair, which can handle acid without breaking down or falling apart. Apply anything from a thin layer of acid to a thick coating of glue evenly and smoothly when you use these high-quality brushes. Plus, with so many sizes to choose from, you can apply a thick coating to a large surface or get into hard-to-reach areas, corners and tight spots with ease.

Non-Shedding Design

Unlike a real horse, horsehair acid brushes from SkyGeek are non-shedding. That means the bristles will stay in place and won’t wind up all over your project. Spread and brush with abandon knowing that your acid brush will deposit product, not bristles. Each brush includes a rugged tin handle to hold the bristles in tightly and to deliver a classic look that’s attractive and easy to hold. Whether you need a 3/8-Inch Acid Brush or a #2 Horsehair Brush, you’ll find the non-shedding brush you need to tackle any job at SkyGeek.

Value Pricing

When it comes to brush buying, quality is probably only one of your considerations. While you don’t want a brush that leaves bristles behind, you also need a tool that can fit into your budget. Acid brushes from SkyGeek are value priced and are super affordable to buy. We make it easy to stock up on brushes so you can swipe, wipe and spread, then toss the brush if you don't want to wash and reuse it. Select styles of our affordable horsehair brushes also qualify for bulk pricing for an even greater value.

Shop at SkyGeek to get your hands on high-quality acid brushes from the brands you trust. Shop for brands like Magnolia Brush, National Novelty, Anchor and more, all at low everyday prices. Shop online and have your premium acid brushes shipped directly to you.