Cable Tie Mounts

Get more flexibility from your cable ties with a cable tie mount from SkyGeek. The mounts are designed to provide an attachment point for cable ties, a popular fastener in the aviation industry. The mounts can be secured to nearly any flat surface, providing a convenient location to attach a cable tie. The mounts are made of heavy-duty plastic and have a low profile. They are flexible, affordable and can be used inside or outside of the aircraft. In order to keep prices low, minimum order requirements may apply. For large, bulk orders, quantity pricing may also be available.

SkyGeek is the go-to destination for high-quality aviation equipment, including cable ties and related accessories. Our cable tie mounts deliver security and convenience in one neat package. They are priced low and are easy to install. Mounts are available in several sizes and types to suit your needs. Browse our selection today to find the cable tie mounts you need for your aircraft and don't hesitate to reach out to our world-class team of Geeks with any questions you may have. Our Geeks are available by calling or emailing