Leak Detector

Don’t ignore the drip. If your aircraft is looking a little leaky, it might be time to order a leak detector from SkyGeek. Our liquid leak seekers are designed to chase down cracks, gaps and holes so you can isolate leaks and eliminate them. Find safe, easy-to-use leak detectors designed for use in oxygen and fuel tanks, cylinders, lines, pneumatic systems and more, all in one convenient location. Stock up on top-performing leak detectors from your favorite brands and get the upper hand on looking for leaks.

Reduce Maintenance Time

Anyone that’s ever tried to find a leak in a massive fuselage knows how time consuming it can be to hunt down drips manually - that’s why SkyGeek carries special leak detectors that are designed to reduce maintenance time. Our leak detection fluids are vibrantly colored so the source of the leak becomes obvious in an instant. Reliable and affordable, we make finding and stopping leaks easier than ever. Cut down on troubleshooting time and feel confident that you’ve found the source of the leak by using liquid leak detectors in your aircraft’s most critical systems. Most of our leak detection fluids even comply with rigorous military specifications.

Top-Performing Brands

Tackle the trickle the smart way by choosing one of our top-performing brands of leak detection fluids. We carry everything from Aero-Brite™ to Swagelock® Snoop™, so you can feel confident injecting your fuel system, pneumatic system or cylinders with a leak detection fluid. Each of our products are hand-selected for performance and reliability, so one test is all it will take to find all of the leaks.

Stop leaks before they can stop you by shopping for leak detection fluids at SkyGeek. Enjoy a huge selection, low prices and fast shipping on dozens of different leak detection products. Not sure what you need? Give our Geeks a call during our regular business hours by dialing toll-free (888) 759-4335.